Weigh in #5 – 17/06

17 06 2010

Bit miffed really. Stayed the same!!!

I went out yesterday for lunch and had pizza, which was bad, but apart from that I thought I’d been quite good. I’ve also started walking to work from the station, so thats 3.5km and I’ve done that 3 times this week!! So thought it would have had more effect.

But, I am on * week this week, so hopefully it’ll make a difference next week…………..

Tuesday 8/6

9 06 2010

Red Day

Breakfast – kiwi, peach, raspberries, strawberries, grapes and melon
Lunch - carrot, pepper, cucumber, tomato, radish, celery, and 3 ryvitas (HEB) with 2 extra light laughing cows (HEA)
Dinner – steak with mushrooms and onions, chips (27 syns) and salad.
Snacks – an apple and a muller light yog
Syns – 2 gin and slimline tonics = 5 syns.

I tried the steak idea that Helen suggested, and I think if I hadnt been so tempted by chips then it would have worked wonders!! I think part of me is just like this week is so going to be a gain so what the hell, which I know is a bad attitude and I am trying to overcome it. Just sadly this week it’s winning. Very nervous about tomorrow now!!!

Monday 7/6

8 06 2010

Extra Easy

Breakfast – banana, kiwi, strawberries, nectarine, grapes and melon
Lunch – pasta, tuna, peas, sweetcorn, chopped toms and cheese (HEA).
Dinner – doner kebab (8 syns), pitta bread (7.5 syns), 1/2 portion of chips (9 syns).
Snacks – apple, pear and special k bar (4.5 syns)
TOTAL SYNS – 29 syns.

Well dinner was silly again! I was up in the hospital for longer than I thought (nothing serious, a consultation to have my wisdom teeth removed) and just wasnt organised enough again. Hmmmmm. So I’m going to cheer myself up by listing my speed foods!!
- apple
- pear
- nectarine
- kiwi
- strawberries (super speedy!)
- melon (super speedy!)
-  tomatoes

I get easily confused between superfree and speed foods though, too many “s”‘s !!! Going to read into that today to try and get my head around it………

Saturday 5/6 and Sunday 6/6

7 06 2010

Saturday – Extra Easy

Breakfast – apple and pear
Lunch – chicken breast, pork and 1 sausage (5.5 syns), potato salad (with onion, potato, egg and extra light mayo – 1 syn), onion, pepper, beans and tomatoes, asparagus.
Dinner – nothing………………..was still full from dinner!
Dessert – strawberries and cream (1 tbsp = 3.5syns, I had 4 tbsp), 75g of raspberry trifle (7.5 syns)
Syns – 2 gin and slimline tonics (1 = 2.5 syns).
TOTAL SYNS 33 syns

Sunday – Green day

Breakfast – scrambled egg on toast (HEB)
Lunch - chicken pie (20 syns), mashed potato (1.5 syns) and carrots and brocolli
Dinner – pasta with tuna (HEB), cheese (HEA), peas and pasta sauce (3 syns).
Syns – 1 budweiser (4 syns)

I seem to struggle most when I eat out, which I did twice this weekend. I have for too long treated going out for dinner as an excuse to eat whatever the hell I want (espesh when the parentals are paying) and this is where the large amount of syns comes from. I need to get out of this habit and actually think about what I should be eating, rather than what I want, especially if I’m going out so much. Or maybe just save my pennies and dont go out eating at all !!!!

Friday 4/6

7 06 2010

Green day

Breakfast – kiwi, peach, strawberries and grapes
Lunch – pasta salad with chicken (HEB), red onion, cherry toms, parmesan cheese (HEA) and balsamic vinegar
Dinner – Pizza express La Reine pizza (36 syns) and lemon tart (approx 16 syns)
Snacks – apple, pear and a muller yog
Syns – 3 gin and slimline tonics (2.5 syns each)

I just cant seem to keep away from that bloody Pizza Express, and when I’m there I cant choose decent things!! Damn the gin goggles!!!

Thursday 3/6/10

4 06 2010

Extra Easy

Breakfast – kiwi, strawberry, banana, peach and grapes
Lunch – pasta salad with rocket, chicken, grated cheese (HEA), tomatoes and cucumber
Dinner – steak pie from sainsburys (24 syns), chips and broccoli
Snacks – apple, pear, muller yog and special k bar (4.5 syns)

Didnt actually realise how many syns where in the steak pie! Needed something quick after a fitness class and had nothing in the house, but will try to be more prepared next time as really didnt realise how bad that was!!!

Weigh in #3 – 3/6/10

3 06 2010

Aaaaaaah I lost 1.5lbs!!! So happy! Really really thought I was going to gain this week, so super relieved and determined to improve on that next week if I am super good!


Wednesday 2/6/10

3 06 2010

Breakfast - banana, kiwi, strawberry, peach, Muller light yog

Lunch - leftover risotto (asparagus, pepper, mushroom, onion, stock, rice) and half a chicken breast (HEB)

Dinner - mince burgers (HEB) with babybell in the middle (HEA), wedges with cajun spice, and onion, pepper, toms and mushrooms.

Snacks - apple and pear

Syns - 1 bottle of Bud (6 syns).

Felt really good today, feeling a bit more on track so more optimistic about next week =)

Tuesday 1/6/10

2 06 2010

Right, new month new start, especially after how badly the weekend went……………

Breakfast – a banana and a special k bar (4.5 syns)
Lunch – tall skinny starbucks latte (5 syns), some cucumber and some tomatoes.
Dinner – Chicken in balsamic vinegar (HEB) with risotto, which had mushrooms, onions, peppers, asparagus and peas in it, and some stock and spices.
Drink – 5 glasses of water and 2 cups of tea (HEA).
TOTAL SYNS = 9.5 syns.

Bit disappointed to be honest – I had wanted to be super healthy and have loads of fruit and veg etc but just didnt get chance as I didnt plan my day well enough and was out from 10am until 4pm. Plan more next time!!

Fess up time!

2 06 2010

Bank holidays are never good – all I do is eat, drink and sleep. This weekend was definitely no exception!! But I’m going to be honest with myself and write down exactly what I ate and the true syn allowance so I can see just how bad it was and where I went wrong. Oh dear!!

Friday 28 May
Breakfast – kiwi, stawberries, cherries, Muller light yog
Lunch – Salad with lettuce, cherry toms, cucumber, radish, sweetcorn and 15g of cheddar cheese (part of a HEA).
Dinner – Pizza Express with the workmates! Doughballs and Garlic Butter (17.5 syns), La Reine Pizza (36 syns) and lemon cheesecake (17 syns).
Drink – 1 cup of tea with milk (part of HEA), LOADS of water, and 5 gin and slimline tonics (2.5 syns each =  10 syns)
TOTAL SYNS = 80.5 syns!

Saturday 29 May
Breakfast =  kiwi, stawberries, cherries, Muller light yog
Lunch = 1 wholemeal pitta bread (7.5 syns) with cucumber, sweetcorn, lettuce, cherry toms and 25g low fat cheese (HEA).
Dinner = lasagna – reduced fat (6 syns) with lettuce and carrot salad
Drink = 10 vodka and diet lemonade (2.5 syns each = 25 syns) and loads of water during the day.
Drunken food whilst stumbling on the way home = chip shop chips (17.5 syns) – extra easy as I only had 1 HEA and no HEBs during the day!

Sunday 30 May
Breakfast – nothing, wasnt conscious for it
Lunch – pizza express again!! Garlic bread (12.5 syns), Lasagna again (12.5 syns on EE)!!
Snacks – 200g salted popcorn at cinema (60 syns)
Dinner – nothing due to the popcorn!
Drinks – about 2 litres of diet coke and 1 cup of tea (milk as HEA).

Monday 31 May
Breakfast – again nothing, wasn’t awake!
Lunch – 100g bag of Maltesers whilst driving home (25 syns)
Dinner – Roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and gravy (all free on Extra Easy).

So in 4 days I managed to eat 246 syns. That even shocks me!! Horrific. Whilst I couldnt avoid some of the situations, I could have changed what I ate, how much I ate, and whether I was actually hungry. Ergh. Makes me sick.


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